Month: January 2011

Nunchuck Controlled 3D cube on TV

This is pretty cool – I took the TVout library, the Wiichuck library and wrote a 3D library. Put them all together and got a nunchuck controlled 3D shape on TV. Movement in the nunchuck is detected by the arduino, then the cube is redrawn according to new angle of the controller.

At this point I ran out of memory but it wouldn’t be too hard to set up the shapes in FLASH instead of RAM. The hardware isn’t too complicated, just a few resistors and a pot for the speaker.

Driving a TV and speaker and reading a nunchuck
The circuit - just a few resistors

3d wireframe library header and source

Code to tie everything together

Analogue Clock on an 8×8 LED

OK so this is tiny but it implements the Bresenham line drawing algorithm and draws a clock…

The code is pretty simple.

Its running about 100x faster in this video so I can show how it works.

[[Schematic soon]]

Analogue Clock on an 8x8 LED
Analogue Clock on an 8x8 LED
Analogue Clock on an 8x8 LED
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