4 thoughts on “Scrolling Digital Clock on 8×8 LED Matrix

  1. hello there,

    You have built a really awesome program with the 8×8 ;ed matrix. I am looking to build something similar and was wondering if you could send me a list of the materials you used to successfully build this including any schematics you may have. Thanks

  2. Hello.
    I have built a 6 segment 8×8 clock and am trying to find a way to make the numbers roll down when they change.
    I use the ledcontrolMS.h.

  3. This Scrolling Digital clock is awesome! May I request you to share me the connection/circuit diagram to better understand the code, please?

    What exactly ‘doubleBuffer()’ function does?
    It seems nowhere the ‘allOFF()’, ‘on()’, ‘off()’, ‘scrollRight()’ and ‘scrollLeft()’ functions are used in the code, are these for any future functionalities?

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